Hongli Zhihui Group is a top rank LED manufacturer in China, mainly providing LED package and LED lighting application solutions.

Hongli Zhihui Group was founded in 2004, headquarter is in Guangzhou in the south of China and the other one is located in Nanchang. Honglitronic is one of the high and new technology manufacturer, specialized in production and development of SMD LEDs, COB LEDs, High Power LEDs, UV LEDs, LAMP LEDs. Also, Honglitronic’s R&D Lab is accredited by CNAS (CNAS LAB CODE L7029) and also recognized by U.S. EPA for LED Packages/Arrays/Modules IES LM-80 testing and CIE 127-2007 standard testing. Most of our products have passed IES LM-80 testing.

Size COLOR HONGLI PART NO. Brightness(LM) Voltage SIZE(MM) Remarks
WHITE HL-AM-2835H489W-S1-08L-HR1 24-26 2.8-3.4v, IF=60mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-AM-2835H489W-S1-08L-HR3 23-25 2.8-3.4v, IF=60mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-AM-2835H421W-S1-08-HR1 26-29 2.8-3.4v, IF=60mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-AM-2835H421W-S1-08-HR3 25-28 2.8-3.4v, IF=60mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
WHITE HL-A-2835D3W-S1-08-HR3 53-58 2.8-3.4V, IF=150mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-AM-2835D3W-S1-08L-HR3 53-58 2.8-3.4V, IF=150mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-A-2835D1W-S1-08-HR3 55-60 2.8-3.4V, IF=150mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-A-2835D1W-S1-08-HR5 53-58 2.8-3.4V, IF=150mA 2.8*3.5*0.8
HL-A-2835D1W-LVR7-S1-08-HR3 53-58 2.8-3.4V, IF=150mA 2.8*3.5*0.8 Zener type
HL-A-2835D42W-S1-08-HR3 65-70 2.8-3.4V 2.8*3.5*0.8
Size COLOR HONGLI PART NO. Brightness(LM) Voltage SIZE(MM) Remarks
 5060  WHITE HL-AF-5060H343W-3-S1-T1-HR1 23-26 2.8-3.4V, IF=20mA 5.0*5.4*1.6
HL-AF-5060H343W-3-S1-T1-HR3 22-25 2.8-3.4V, IF=20mA 5.0*5.4*1.6
HL-AF-5060H415W-3-S1-TL 20-23 2.8-3.4V, IF=20mA 5.0*5.4*1.6
RGB HL-AF-5060H271BU46FU79GC-S1-T1 R:276-400
G:600- 800
2.8-3.4V, IF=20mA 5.0*5.4*1.6
HL-AF-5060H513BU46FU80GC-S1-T1 R:460-500
G:1000- 1300
2.8-3.4V, IF=20mA 5.0*5.4*1.6
Size COLOR HONGLI PART NO. Brightness(LM) Voltage SIZE(MM) Remarks
5730 WHITE HL-A-5730D1W-S1-08-HR3(LY) 57-62 2.8-3.6V, IF=150mA 5.7*3.0*0.9
HL-A-5730D1W-LVR7-S1-08-HR3 (LY) 55-65 3.0-3.8V, IF=150mA 5.7*3.0*0.10 Zener type
HL-A-5730D34W-S1-08-HR3 (LY) 63-68 2.8-3.6V, IF=150mA 5.7*3.0*0.11
HL-A-5730D42W-S1-HR3 65-70 2.8-3.6V, IF=150mA 5.7*3.0*0.12