Lumens, the leading manufacturer of world-first & based on the creative technology innovation, has developed new LED light sources to seize business opportunities while closely watching the market needs and changing trends.

Lumens organization has experts from the field of LED modules, LED lighting, and the development and manufacturing of intelligent control systems. Our product design in the lighting installation and maintenance has been leading the LED industry with high quality, superior brightness and the best color rendering. Our future-oriented design and high-tech application technology is one of our main focuses. Lumens is already known for its excellent performance in domestic as well as global markets, including Japan, Europe, and North America. Special attention has been paid to growing Lumens as a global LED company, whose No.1 priority lies in customer’s total satisfaction.

Size COLOR HONGLI PART NO. Brightness(LM) Voltage SIZE(MM) Remarks
5630 White LM5630L3W857E00 34lm @ 65mA, 25ºC 2.86V 5.60*3.00*0.85
LM5630L4W857E00 36lm @ 65mA, 25ºC 2.86V 5.60*3.00*0.85
Size COLOR HONGLI PART NO. Brightness(LM) Voltage SIZE(MM) Remarks
2835 White LM2835S2W857A 58lm @ 150mA, 25ºC 3.1V 2.80*3.50*0.65
LM2835S2W857B 62lm @ 150mA, 25ºC 3.1V 2.80*3.50*0.65